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Step 1: Collect the Data

Step 2: Calculate the carbon emissions

Step 3: Receive a visual ESG Report

Step 4: Reduce and become Net Zero

About Vermena

Helping companies start their Sustainability Journey

Sustainability is a complex topic but we help you through your challenges to achieve your company's climate goals, contribute to a green future and stand out in the market.

We’re an ESG reporting company helping to calculate, report and reduce your emissions. Limited budgets and no sustainability expert in the team? We got you covered! With Vermena’s simple to use platform, businesses effortlessly monitor, assess, and enhance their event’s ESG footprints, ensuring compliance and fostering a positive impact.


What our customers think

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Vermena's tool is practical and intuitive, allowing for simple usage tailored to our professions! I loved the simplicity of it and how we were able to calculate and assess our carbon footprint with a few simple steps.

    John Goldinger
    John Goldinger

    Sustainability & Marketing Director

    It's a very useful tool for accurately assessing the carbon footprint. The Vermena team always provides excellent advice and the customer service was of great help!

      Monica Bodero
      Monica Bodero

      Director Marketing Agency

      Our family business has needed this tool to stay competitive. A practical and fast solution for evaluating the carbon impact of an event, conceived by event professionals and developed by carbon experts.


        CEO Security Company

        We had no time to spare building our startup but knew it was crucial to get investment from an impact fund to report our carbon emissions. When we found Vermena, we were so relieved to find a budget friendly and simple tool anyone in the team could manage.

          Ciara O'Buachalla
          Ciara O'Buachalla

          Co-Founder Startup

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          The simplicity and time efficiency are the number one reasons why clients would reuse Vermena
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          This is only just the beginning!  Daily this number is increasing rapidly.

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          Our tool is sector conform and can be used for any of your events or company projects.

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