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About Vermena

Helping companies succeed

Sustainability is a complex topic but we help you through your challenges to achieve your company's climate goals, contribute to a green future and stand out in the market.

We’re an ESG reporting company helping small companies that have restricted budgets, no sustainability team in place and limited time dedicated to these topics.  With Vermena’s simple to use platform, businesses effortlessly monitor, assess, and enhance their ESG footprints, ensuring compliance and fostering a positive impact.


Become a Climate

With a comprehensive platform to manage your ESG metrics, you can focus on your business with the best experience possible


Calculate your carbon footprint across scopes 1, 2, and 3.


Shrink your carbon footprint with actionable insights and data-driven strategies.


Prepare and file investor-grade, audit-ready disclosures to meet regulator and stakeholder requirements.


Tell your sustainability story with confidence and transparency through impactful reports and data visualizations.

Our Team

Meet our Founders

 Our journey with Vermena began with a shared vision to help companies like yours to make sustainability your competitive advantage. With a blend of expertise in events, finance and consulting, we strive to help you collect, calculate and report your sustainability data.

Join us as we continue to push boundaries and make a difference in the Sustainability world. Our team exists of sales experts, consultants and advisors with more than 20 years of sales & ESG expertise to ensure your full customer satisfaction.

Ready to make sustainability your competitive advantage?


Alexis Vallee

CEO & Co-founder

Jessica Wyrsch

COO & Co-founder

Our Process

How We Work

Guided by our core values, we strive to exceed expectations and create meaningful experiences


We are committed to constantly pushing boundaries and exploring new ideas, technologies, and solutions to drive innovation and progress

Customers first

Our customers are at the center of everything we do, and we are dedicated to providing them with the best possible experience and support


We believe in the power of collaboration and teamwork, and we strive to foster a supportive and inclusive environment


We take responsibility for our actions and decisions, and we hold ourselves accountable to the highest standards

Continuous learning

We believe in the importance of continuous learning and growth, and we encourage our team members to pursue development opportunities


We are adaptable and nimble, and we embrace change as an opportunity to grow and improve

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